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This page presents the overview of TextAE features. Refer to the manual page, for a comprehensive instruction.

Installation free

  • Fully implemented in JavaScript (JS), HTML5 and CSS3.
  • No installation is required. Just launch it in web browser.

Fully remote configuration

Each annotation task uses its own configuration file, which can be either easily edited online or uploaded by user. The configuration defines linguistic constrains on annotation, annotation labels and their color codings. Different tasks can have different configurations or share the same configuration. For the details on how to configure TextAE, see the configuration page.

Virtually unlimited level of undo and redo

JSON format output

Annotated data is saved in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, which can be easily converted to other common formats.

Categories of annotation

TextAE provides the following categories of annotation: span (named entity) annotation, relation annotation, instance annotation and modification annotation. The annotation examples are presented on the Examples page.